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The Design Studio Method

By Gabriel Svennerberg


Learn what the Design Studio method is and how to use it to create better design faster.

Gabriel Svennerberg — Swedish UX Designer. Author of Beginning Google Maps API 3 and founder of UX Agency ...

Added by Gabriel Svennerberg: “In this article Will Evans provides an introduction to the Design Studio method. Read it to get a sense of what Design Studio is all about.

1 Introduction to the Design Studio Method

This article is from the Atelier DE blog. It is hardly possible to overrate the value... of placing human beings in contact with persons dissimilar to themselves, with modes of thought and action unlike those with which they are familiar. - John Stewart Mill (1806-73) The early stages of product innovation can crucially influence the success and direction of any

Added by Gabriel Svennerberg: “In this article Will Evans explains the ins and outs of running a successful design studio session including what materials to use, how to organize teams, when to do what, and more.

2 The Design of Design Studio

This article is part two of the series that began with Introduction to Design Studio Methodology. While part one explained the why and what of Design Studio, this article deals with the logistics and mechanics. I highly recommend you read the articles in order. When good designers talk about innovation, they mean... "the successful exploitation of new ideas." They don't

Added by Gabriel Svennerberg: “Kelani Nichole from Big Spaceship describes her experience of using Design Studio with a client partner and an internal team to collaboratively think around 2 main design challenges for the clients product. Read it to to get a sense of how a design studio session can be run. Kelani also provides a few takeaways from her experience.

3 Design Studio in Practice

This week I brought together our client partners and internal team for a day of collaborative thinking focused around two of the main design challenges for the client's product. People from a myriad of disciplines - marketing, design, technology, product management and strategy - gathered around the table in teams to deep-dive into the problem space of the product. Through

Added by Gabriel Svennerberg: “Jim Lindstrom explores the science behind Design Studio and explains why it works. It provides a great background to why you should bother with Design Studio at all.

4 The Science Behind Design Studio

Much has been written about the design studio methodology within the design community. In order to really understand how and why design studios work, though, designers must look beyond design-in particular, to social psychology and behavioral economics. Design problems are tackled ad hoc far too often. Teams stumble into a design problem and chase the first idea they come up

Added by Gabriel Svennerberg: “Design Studio works great in an Agile environment. This article, again by Will Evans, explains how to integrate the Design Studio methodology and also outlines some pitfalls to watch out for.

5 Design Studio with Agile: Process & Pitfalls

I have often been asked how and when Design Studio should be used in a startup or enterprise whose product team embraces Agile. I hope this article answers some questions about how to effectively use Design Studio (as well as variations on it), and to avoid potential pitfalls so those practicing some flavor of agile UX will be better armed

Added by Gabriel Svennerberg: “This short article by Michael Dubakov describes how his Agile team used the Design Studio method to generate a design for an Email Integration plugin UI. The article has lots of images and will give you a sense of what the produced artifacts might look like.

6 UX Meets Agile: Design Studio Methodology

Michael Dubakov Design Studio is a quite simple and efficient way to run UX meetings. Yesterday we tried it for the first time. There are several variations of Design Studio, we made it simple for the first run and set the following rules: Define problem. Sketch 5 ideas individually. No more than 5 minutes per idea. Present and categorize ideas

Added by Gabriel Svennerberg: “In this 28 minutes long video, Todd Zaki Warfel explains his version of Design Studio.

7 The Design Studio Method [Video]

The Design Studio method has become one of the most success methods in Agile and Lean UX. This rapid, iterative approach blends concept creation with critique. Design Studio is a great way to jumpstart your design process, create 300-400 design concepts in just a couple o...



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