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Learn Framer.js

By Julius Koroll


Framer is a great way to prototype interactions. Here's a lesson about the basic features and maybe a little more

Julius Koroll — Webdesigner, UI-Designer und gemeinsam mit @uk_design Gründer von @desiignstudio

Added by Julius Koroll: “This post gives you a brief introduction to layers and animations. Don't get too frustrated on this one, the more you read, the more it makes sense!

2 Prototyping with Framer.js • Tack Blog

Prototyping is a critical part of our design process. It's a great way to explore ideas and learn from watching your designs be used by others. Previously we've mentioned how we used techniques involving folded paper and other tools, like Adobe Edge Animate, for prototyping. Those approaches served their purpose for communicating interface concepts, but we wanted to explore something

Added by Julius Koroll: “I guess this is one of the most important sites about framer. Wanna see how something works? Get your hands dirty and try!

4 Framer Examples

Jonathan Arnold

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