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By edwina


Construct a versatile freelancing website with the complete assistance of Agriya’s freelance marketplace platform.

2 What is Peer to Peer lending?

What is Peer to Peer lending? The peer to peer lending is process of borrowing and lending between individuals and avoids necessity of borrowing money from the bank. This software offers simple way for entrepreneurs to create successful Crowd-funding websites within short-time and helps you to earn money or raise funds online quickly. It ensures great experience rather than traditional

3 Build your own Equity crowdfunding website

As equity crowdfunding is gaining more and more acceptance in the financial sector, demand for more equity crowdfunding websites, which are avenues for alternative sources of funding, is also growing monumentally. Existing platforms are nowhere meeting the niche requirements of the potential investors and fundraisers. Many entrepreneurs, sensing the growth opportunities in the crowdfunding industry, plan to launch an Equity

4 How to unleash the power of vacation Booking and Rental industry?

Business ideas and opportunities are many, in fact. Putting them to use with a right mix of technology will ensure that you build a big business empire. Of the many ideas, the foremost is the vacation booking and rental industry, which is reaching greater proportions, these days. It is indeed a disruptive industry, that is giving the hospitability industry a

Added by edwina: “Crowdfunding donate is a one stop solution for creating any kind of donation based fundraising platform for any kind of non-profit niches and organizations

5 Donation software

Glance of Crowdfunding DonateJust sit back and relax, while this fundraising software creates a remarkable donation based crowdfunding website in a short span of time. This software will assist you to launch a website for any niche, any region, any currency and any language of the world. Each multi-beneficial feature of your website will meet all the necessary needs of

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