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Start from min 17 and learn about, Delay in animation can be understood in iPhone animation part of the video. Smooth Patch: make the move smoother 3D transition Patch: To make the image transitions Stop Watch Patch: For delay Input Splitter Patch: Single input to be shared by other inputs

Exercise: Animated Chat Avatars (25 min)

This presentation was given at the May 2013 meeting of the Triangle CocoaHeads Table of Contents 00:00 Quartz Composer Overview 06:06 Simple Button Demo 11:33 Macro Patches Demo 17:35 iPhone/Animation Demo 27:34 Final Animation Completed 28:35 Resources & Attributions The "iMessenger" demo created during this talk is available for download here: Resources & Attributions Graphics Tools for Xcode iMessage Concept Composing with Quartz Dave O Brien Facebook Home tutorials Quartz Composer Diary Go Big by Going Home

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