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In this video Dave sets up the render of phone with a wallpaper. He is playing with Billboard and Sprite. Using Billboard for the images that he doesn’t want to resize and Sprite for others. I could not figure out why he used 3D Transformation for the wallpaper instead of a Sprite, maybe we can figure it out in the next videos. Here are the Patches he used Clear: Paints entire rendering destination. You can change the colour from inspector. You don’t need to wire this patch in any patch. Image Patch: Source for each image. To render the image connect it to Bilboard’s Image port. Billboard with Image Patch: Handles images, a less option version of Sprite. Has no 3rd dimension. So X transition doesn’t work. In the video he is adjusting the size and position of the renders Sprite with Image Patch: Like a billboard but you have to set hight and width to mask to image you can use it. If you use Image Mask you can’t interact. He used this patch to hide the extended parts of the wallpaper on both sides of the phone. 3D Transformation: A macro patch (strait corners) you can go into and you can contain other patches in this. Billboard doesn't move in them. You should use Spritz for it. Numbers on the corners: Represent the hierarchy between the patches, works as layers in photoshop. He adjusts the visibility of images in the render via this Download the QS file here:

Exercise: Building Facebook Home 2 (15 min)

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