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In this video he is creating animateable profile picture. He renders the image with Sprite because he wants to resize and position the image. To have the image in a specific position after the intervention of position, he adds 2 Directional Springs (one for X and one for y axes). Basically this patch defines the ultimate position of the image. To create interaction in QC Interaction patch is used. It allows the user input to render. This patch connects to Sprite from top corner. As he shows in the example if you connect Interaction’s X Position to Sprit’s X position you can move the render in X axe, however if you connect Interaction’s X position first to Value input of Directional Spring and from its Output Value to Sprite’s X Position, after you move the render it will automatically turn back the position that you set with Directional Springs (Repeat for Y). What happening here is your mouse’s coordinate values become input for Sprite while interacting with the image when you stop interacting then Sprite take the Directional Spring’s Spring Center values as input. here is the file:

Exercise: Building Facebook Home 3 (20 min))

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