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Gibbon Blog in Digital Marketing Kenya

How To Choose The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya? [GUIDE]

In This Guide You Will Know:What is Digital Marketing?Difference between Traditional Marketing Agency and Digital Marketing AgencyWhy Internet Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing?What is a Digital Marketing Agency?Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya?How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency In Kenya?Questions to ask before hiring a digital marketing agencyMistakes to avoid before hiring a digital marketing

Gibbon Blog in WordPress Security 2020

8 WordPress Vulnerabilities & How To Fix Them [AIO Guide]

WordPress is one of the most widely used Open source CMS tool that powers millions of websites. This popularity of WordPress has made it an important target for web attackers. The WordPress team is sharing security guides timely to protect the websites from web vulnerabilities and even the protection is tightened down by many websites. But still, there are some

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