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Growing Houstplants

By Aungthurhahein™


This is a list of tips and information to grow indoor plants and trees.

Aungthurhahein™ — Developer,IT Worker, Technology Evangelist

1 Houseplants 101

It isn't necessary to turn your house into a tropical jungle to get the most from houseplants. In fact, just a few well-placed, well-grown houseplants can co...

2 Common House Plants

Pictures of common house plants. Take a look at these easy-to-grow plants that have adorned homes for decades.

3 Indoor Office Plants

Looking for a plant that'll suit your corner of the corporate world? Check out these easy-care office plants.

4 Indoor House Plants Varieties

Looking for indoor house plants varieties? You'll find different types of house plants to grow--large and small, green foliage and flowering.

8 Air Plant Care Guide

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