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Deeper Meaning of Rap Lyrics

By Samuel Beek


There's some great lyrics out there with very nice analysis. If you know any, please send it to me (via twitter: @samuelbeek) Hidden treasures!

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Added by Samuel Beek: “One of the best analysis I've ever seen. I wonder if Kanye had the same thought when he wrote it.

1 Then the sky filled with herons / (I saw the.. – Dark Fantasy

This could be a simply juxtaposition of the devil - representative of great evil - with herons, which stand for light and goodness in Egyptian mythology. Or are the "herons" in reference to Gil-Scott Heron, whom Kanye uses to close off the album? In this interpretation, Gil-Scott Heron is a metaphorical "bird of light" for Kanye's music.

Added by Samuel Beek: “Lupe really gets wordplay.

3 They don't care to you and that's hair to you,.. – THORNS & HORNS

Some crazy metaphoric wordplay being displayed by Lupe here: Referring to the previous line, his passed down heirlooms are his incredible rapping ability. While your hair is passed down through your genetics, and they don't care to you. (You're wack son!) Also some further wordplay, translating hair/air.

4 International bring back the Concorde – Tom Ford by Jay Z

Following a crash in July 2000 and the downturn in the aviation industry following 9/11 the supersonic Concorde was retired in 2003. Only 20 aircraft were ever built. It regularly flew from London and Paris to New York & Washington in half the time of regular commercial airliners.

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