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By Laura Lasmane


A collection of articles and study materials on marketing and communications for modern enterprises.

Laura Lasmane — Media, communication and social&digital media professional with peculiar interests.

Added by Laura Lasmane: “Smart marketing - honesty in brand communication is a very effective tool.

1 Laphroaig Scotch Doesn't Mind if You Think It 'Tastes Like a Burning Hospital'

Anyone who's tried Laphroaig, one of the few truly robust Scotches that's also widely available, knows that it sparks passionate responses ranging from delight to disgust. Now the distiller is parsing out those perspectives in all their oddly specific glory with a new campaign called "Opinions Welcome." In the video spot from U.K. agency White Label, we see real first

Added by Laura Lasmane: “The traditional online ad is being overshadowed by these four types of marketing.

3 Moving Beyond the Banner Ad

It's time to say goodbye to sidebar ads. Accelerated forces of new technology, consumer changes and marketing innovation have changed the world of advertising. These changes deserve a big response. Sidebar ads are overdone, with 55 percent of Americans calling them "annoying," according to a recent report by InsightsOne. They are not easily shared, and interaction with viewers is limited

Added by Laura Lasmane: “It doesn't take much work or budget to get the word out about your business no matter the scale. Use these simple techniques to make your business noticed!

4 10 Simple Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business, you may think it's impossible to get the word out about what you do. That's no excuse. And you don't need fads or gimmicks. Follow the proven, timeless tips and techniques of these entrepreneurs to help get the word out about your business and watch it grow. 1. Give Your Stuff Away Ari Fleischer and Aly

7 Deciding How Much of Your Marketing Time Should Go to SEO

SEO is extremely important, especially as consumer habits and search-engine algorithms change. Consumers are becoming less and less likely to engage directly with businesses when looking for information. In fact, most consumers today start their discovery process with a search, making search the largest and most predominant digital marketing channel today at 16.9 percent. The main goal of SEO is

8 Hello, It's Nice to Meet you...Again: Your Digital Reputation Precedes You

My good friend Andy Beal just released his latest book, Repped, 30 Days to a Better Online Reputation. Late last year, he asked me to write the foreword for the book and when I heard what it was about, I was all in. Whether you realize it or not-or even wish to admit it-you already have an online reputation to

9 'Brand loyalty' - habit rather than loyalty

by Bob Hoffman (@adcontrarian), San Francisco Bay Of all the factors relating to consumer behaviour, perhaps none is more misinterpreted and mischaracterized than brand loyalty. While we all have favourite brands in several categories, in most cases our loyalty is an inch deep. In the agency world, where the religion of branding is unquestioned and inviolable, the misunderstanding of "brand

10 5 Ways For Purposeful Brands To Stand Out

What's the difference between a brand with purpose and a purpose-driven brand? Sounds like a subtle nuance, but according to new research, the distinction is proving ever more important, especially in an era where consumers remain skeptical and business leaders expect corporate values to translate into tangible returns. As Edelman's recent brandshare and Trust Barometer studies reveal, when it comes

11 Publishing Is The New Marketing: Epic Content Marketing

Back To Results Stories are nothing new. They've been around for as long as we have. The earliest humans gathered around the campfire and figured out that effective storytelling was the best way to pass on the information that was vital for survival.

Added by Laura Lasmane: “The old SEO reality used to be, “Where do I rank in search results for this query?” The new reality is, “What’s the best way to answer my customer’s questions?”

12 4 Ways Your Mobile Marketing Needs To Change This Year

With the launch of Hummingbird, Google's new search algorithm, In 2013, the company proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it hasn't forgotten the all-important base of it's business-its revolutionary search engine. Besides changing up its basic search engine processes, it also purchased such innovative startups such as DNNResearch, Wavii, and Behavio to expand its search horizons. The technology

13 The 5 C's of Effective Content Marketing

Content Marketing by Ben Plomion Content marketing is hot right now. But just because everyone's doing it, doesn't mean it's easy. Great content takes a lot of time and careful thinking. The good news? We've put together a 5-step guide that can help you remember the most important elements of a great content campaign. We've even gone to the trouble

14 Do You Stand by Your Brand? It's Time for an Audit.

While many executives will rightfully claim that they understand the benefits of a great brand, the bigger test is how well they defend it when things go wrong. Take Target's recent credit card security breach that potentially compromised as many as 70 million customers who, up until that time, expected the national retailer to protect their identities. It couldn't have

Added by Laura Lasmane: “Here are six creative ways to be successful in SEO without any analytics at all.

15 6 Ways to Master SEO Without Google Analytics

When Google announced last year that it would encrypt all keyword data, marketers scrambled to find alternative methods to track searches -- including gathering data from Bing, utilizing AdWords stats and looking at top landing pages. But as the storm subsided, it seemed that analytics weren't completely necessary after all. While a huge help, they don't necessarily govern an SEO

16 How to Treat Your Bloggers Like Rock Stars

Social Media Case Studies by Kristen Matthews Yesterday, I discussed the power of blogger outreach and how Char-Broil does an exemplary job with mutually beneficial connections. In order to achieve and implement these crucial relationships like Char-Broil does, it's important to understand exactly what makes for a successful relationship with the bloggers who move your brand forward. The writer in

17 Why Content Marketers Need Better Statistics

Social Media Research by Britt Brouse One recent morning, a client got in touch and asked me to find a widely cited statistic that supports the use of behavioral job interview techniques. The client needed to show that behavioral interviews resulted in lower overall hiring costs, lower turnover rates, or increased productivity. They needed the statistic within two hours for

Added by Laura Lasmane: “Some counterintuitive lessons from a man who built a popular snowboarding brand as a college sophomore, knowing little about his industry, marketing, or business.

18 4 Lessons In Building A Brand

Love it or hate it, your success this year and beyond depends on your ability to shape a brand: your career's, product's, department's, or company's. Here are some counterintuitive lessons from a man who built a popular snowboarding brand as a college sophomore, knowing little about his industry, marketing, or business. Shaun Neff, founder and CEO of Neff Headwear, now

19 Results-Driven Marketing Creative in Four Steps, Part 1: Efficient Creative Briefing

As marketers, we know that the only thing that's more important than generating ROI is showing how we did it. Doing so wins us increased budgets and resource allocations year after year and demonstrates marketing's value to our organization. Many factors determine the extent of that ROI, but there's one that can't be ignored-the quality of your marketing creative. Together

21 Results-Driven Marketing Creative in Four Steps, Part 3: The Right Medium

In the previous two articles, we discussed the first two steps for developing creative that drives results- effective briefing and building a creative concept. Now, we'll introduce you to the third: delivering your marketing messaging via the right medium. The Medium Is the Message How often have you heard that phrase? If you're involved in marketing, I can safely assume

22 What People Get Wrong About Marketing Campaigns

There has been a lot of debate lately about marketing campaigns. In December, Gartner's Jake Sorofman suggested concentrated campaigns may not have a place anymore amid the continuous storytelling of today's content marketing. His colleague, Jennifer Beck, vehemently disagreed. Going back a bit further to the beginning of 2013, the same week HubSpot released a new app to measure the

24 Embracing the Age of the Customer: How to Become Customer Obsessed

The term "customer obsession" is in danger of becoming a buzzword - it's easy to claim that you're customer obsessed, but it's difficult to actually be. Caring about your customers, thinking about your customers, even dreaming about your customers doesn't make your company customer obsessed. So what is true customer obsession, and how can organizations embrace it? At a recent

25 33 Stats On The Future of Content Marketing

The growth and interest in Content Marketing is now an undeniable force for businesses and marketing. Content marketing is an imperative for brands who want to reach their buyers in an information-saturated world. We are no longer asking whether content marketing is the future. We are now looking to understand the future of content marketing. Along the way, I've been

26 Top Marketing Predictions For 2014

Recommended LinksLike this piece? Share it with your friends: This section is brought to you in partnership with: Last year in my 2013 marketing predictions post, I predicted that content marketing would mature in many organizations, that brands would take themselves out of the stories they tell and finally put an end to the notion that marketing equals promotion. I

27 5 powerful trends for marketing in 2014

Recommended LinksLike this piece? Share it with your friends: This section is brought to you in partnership with: The new year is an opportunity for a torrent of predictions of what will happen in the days to come. There's no shortage of opinions, but most look a lot more like trends than solid prognostications. That's because trends are easier to

28 How the HELL Do You Promote an Offer? 3 Fundamental Steps

At this point, we've discussed the different elements necessary to build an inbound marketing campaign (an offer, a call-to-action, a form, a landing page, and a thank you page). I suggest you go back and review that post here to get up to speed. Today, I'm going to take the mechanics of inbound marketing a step further and share how

29 Everything Marketers Need to Measure and Prove Content ROI

Marketing content creators have a lot of potential content assets at their disposal. But whether they're drafting an ebook , writing a blog post, or producing a webinar, they usually have different goals in mind for the content they're creating. And just as each content asset is associated with different goals, each must also be measured by different metrics. After

31 The Definition of an Inbound Marketing Campaign [In Under 100 Words]

Inbound marketing campaigns are concentrated efforts that align all of your marketing channels around a single message and goal. It starts with a marketing offer -- something valuable and relevant for your audience that you promote through your marketing channels. Then, you nurture the leads from that offer and move them along your marketing funnel so they can become your

32 Understanding Sponsorship

The answer to the question, "how are you going to pay for this project?" is turning out to be sponsorship more and more often. If you don't know why organizations want to sponsor things, though, it's likely a long, hard road to find the sponsorship you seek. As the number of media options continue to explode (blogs, books, conferences, tattoos,

33 8 Ways Retailers Should Target Smartphone Users

Not surprisingly, mobile played an increasingly important role this holiday shopping season. According to Deloitte's Annual Holiday Survey, 68 percent of smartphone users planned to use their devices for holiday shopping, and these consumers would spend 27 percent more on holiday gifts than non-smartphone owners. During the holiday shopping season in particular, consumers experience sensory overload with all of the

35 How to Find, Assess, and Hire the Modern Marketer

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37 The strategic importance of measuring Customer Lifetime Value

I've often referred to Customer Lifetime Value (CLV or LTV) as the loneliest CRM key performance indicator, which is particularly troublesome as this metric is forward looking, identifies both the degree of customer-centricity along with customer upside potential, and can be a catalyst for spurring increases in customer share, customer retention, margin improvement and top line revenues. An Untapped Business

39 Big Data Myths Give Way To Reality In 2014

For many enterprises, Big Data remains a nebulous goal, rather than a current reality. Yet it's a goal that more and more enterprises are pushing to the top of their priority list. As Gartner surveys have shown, everyone is keen to board the Big Data bandwagon, yet a comparative few really understand why. And as Gartner analyst Svetlana Sicular points

40 The impact of negative reviews on purchase decisions

The Impact of Negative Reviews on Purchase DecisionsSAS - John Balla * 35 views Back To Results My colleague Kelly McGuire recently teamed with Associate Professor Breffni Noone at The Pennsylvania State University to study the role of reviews and ratings and price on purchase decisions in the hotel sector. Their findings confirmed the relationship linking ratings and reviews with

41 Parents May Be Your Secret Weapon For Recruiting and Retaining Millennials

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42 How Marketers Can Avoid Big Data Blind Spots

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43 Customers Want the Dream More Than the Product

David Hieatt of Hiut Denim Co. has advice for the makers of the world (or even those just interested in business models). His company brought back the jean making industry that had died in Cardigan, UK years prior. They founded Hiut with the mission of producing the finest quality jeans, though they knew that alone wouldn't lead to success. Here's

44 Customer Retention Is King: Four Steps to Secure the Throne

Blogs and communities are always buzzing about one form of marketing or another. And if you listen closely, you'll notice that most of the marketing conversations going on-whether they're about inbound marketing, SEM, affiliates, or mobile-emphasize the importance of getting new or more customers, as opposed to keeping the ones you already have. The same trend can be seen in

45 It's Time to Embrace Your Brand

As we near the end of 2013, many companies will do what they did 12 months earlier: reflect on their brand with resolves to update it. But instead of emphasizing how others outside your organization perceive your brand, you should focus on how owners, managers and employees view the brand's relevance. They are the ones who must embody it before

46 6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Market Research

The other day I was talking with an entrepreneur in the Google Ventures portfolio who told me he had conducted more than 200 customer interviews. His company had just launched a new product, and he was trying to gauge whether there was demand for the product, what features customers wanted in it, and which competitive products they had used. He

47 9 in 10 Customers Will Switch to the Competition If You Don't Treat Them Well (Infographic)

As you obsess about the perfection of your product, make sure to obsess over your customers, too. While the service sector dominates the economy, only 1 percent of consumers feel they "consistently" get good customer service, according to the infographic below, generated by Louisville, Ky.-based infographic-maker NowSourcing on behalf of management-software company ClickSoftware. Meanwhile, 86 percent of customers will actually

48 CorpComms - Features - 3260 Effective Infographics

Infographics - visual narratives that tell data-driven stories - have really caught the attention of communicators over the past few years. Their potential is plain to see: they can turn complex data into meaningful visual information that audiences can take in at a glance, and then build these into memorable narratives that work across print, web and video. Half of

49 Successful Companies Are Giving Customers What They Want - Before They Even Know They Want It

Shutterstock This post is sponsored by SAP. Successful companies have always catered to their customers, but today's consumers want more. Customers expect companies to come to them - and to provide a pleasant, productive, and personalized experience that makes them feel special. Smart companies are responding to these changing customer expectations by putting customers first, engaging them in new ways,

50 Content Strategy: 4 Questions You Need to Ask

Your content strategy is something that, whether you know it or not, influences both your web traffic and social media presence. Professional content strategists build narratives for companies through search engine optimization, powerful content and ensuring that the brand voice stays consistent across all platforms. Content strategists ensure that best SEO practices are being followed and suggest new routes for

51 What Marketers Do: Their Tactics, Tools, Challenges, and Campaigns [Infographic]

Some 19,464 North American marketers were surveyed recently by Act-On about their favorite marketing technologies, tools, and tactics, along with the types of marketing challenges they face and marketing campaigns they launch. The top 5 technologies that marketers use are email marketing (77%), social media (72%), website visitor tracking (51%), CRM (40%), and webforms (34%), reports Act-On. And what are

52 How People Discover New Brands

The most effective method for brand discovery remains articles published in mainstream media outlets, according to a recent report by GlobalWebIndex. However, consumers are increasingly engaging with this content in digital form, rather than finding it in print. Asked how they discover new brands, products, or services, 47% of 16-24 year-olds and 45% of 55-65 year-olds cited articles posted on

53 4 marketing lessons from Beyonce's album launch

Late last week, pop artist Beyonce released her fifth album with almost no marketing being done for it. In a post launch video, she discussed why the release was done in such a manner. "There's so much that gets between the music, the artist and the fans. I felt like I didn't want anybody to give the message when my

54 SlideShare: Soap's 14 Digital Trends for 2014

Find the hottest digital trends for 2014, with this light hearted look at what SOAP Creative think will be the things everyone will be doing in digital next year! Bitcoins, wearable tech, more drones... you name it. It's in here. We'll pull more 2014 Digital Trend Predictions together shortly. Enjoy! 2014 Digital Trends, Digital Trends, Industry Presentations, Industry Reports, Slideshare

55 3 New Ways To Craft Compelling Stories With Social Media

Visual storytelling is a hot marketing trend right now, and social media platforms are incorporating new features that support image-driven marketing. Facebook has steadily been making images more central to its user experience over the last couple of years, and the fast adoption of Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, and other visually rich apps by brands shows just how important they are

57 CMO 2014: Brand Experience Will Matter First Before Content Marketing

For many Chief Marketing Officers and marketing leaders, especially in B2B, there is a seismic shift taking place in how marketing is approached and done. A staple in yearly strategic planning is the product or service as the central focus of marketing and sales plans year after year. Product marketing is just as the name implies - all about marketing

58 Steve Jobs: Apple Doesn't Do Market Research

Most companies turn to outside consultants, focus groups and media relations firms to try to understand their market. Apple creates products like a monarchy, with all big decisions flowing down from Emperor Steve. Here is a quote from Steve Jobs saying that Apple doesn't do market research from a post arguing why no one innovates like Apple. "We do no

59 The psychology behind content marketing

As everyone says, content is king. But increasingly, Asia Pacific marketers are putting into practice what they preach. According to recently released results from an annual Adobe study, the APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard, nearly 75% of APAC marketers said their priority this year was strengthening their digital marketing content strategy, compared to a mere 36% in 2012. This sea

61 Customers Remember Experiences, Not Your Brand Logo

customer notice (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)Most businesses spend big money testing their brand logo, catchy marketing phrases, and demographics, but spend little time training and validating that their employees can and do deliver memorable experiences to their customers. The result, according to a recent Gallup survey, with 70 percent of U.S. workers not fully engaged, is unhappy workers and poor

Added by Laura Lasmane: “A unique selling proposition, which defines your company’s unique position in the marketplace, is an often overlooked but very important element of creating a business that customers love.

62 5 Ways to Develop a Unique Selling Proposition

Content Marketing, Subscribe to our new Definitive newsletter: High grade digital marketing guidance, topically sorted, and curated to the max. Digital Marketing, Internet Advertising by Greg Ciotti You pick the categories, we deliver the content. The best content from around the web, on topics you care about and need to be an expert in. A unique selling proposition, which defines

Added by Laura Lasmane: “Instead of comparing what you invest to the benefit you receive from the first bill, the first visit, the first transaction, it's important to not only recognize but embrace the true lifetime value of one more customer

64 Embracing customer lifetime value

If you walk into a company-owned cell phone store to sign up for a contract, what are you worth? Given the huge gross margins at AT&T and Verizon and the standard two-year contract, I think it's easy to figure on more than $2000 in lifetime value. If you ran a business where a customer represented an additional $2,000 in profit,

Added by Laura Lasmane: “Three positioning strategies that marketers use to force consumers’ mental shift.

66 Break Free from the Product Life Cycle

The Idea in Brief Are you layering new benefits onto old offerings in an endless struggle to rejuvenate your products? You're not alone. Your competitors are doing the same thing. Result? Enhanced products become expected products-requiring ever more embellishment to stay alive. No one wins. To wit, nowadays even generic toothpastes "remove plaque," "freshen breath," "fight cavities," and "whiten teeth."

Added by Laura Lasmane: “What shifting values of people in their 20s and 30s are threatening some of the biggest U.S. brands.

67 Millennials Are Threatening The World's Most Powerful Brands

REUTERS/Jason LeeThe shifting values of people in their 20s and 30s are threatening some of the biggest U.S. brands. Iconic brands like Tide, Levi's, Coca-Cola, Ralph Lauren, Gap, and more "are going to suffer a precipitous decline in relevance, in sales, and share of market; or drop dead, at the very least," retail expert Robin Lewis writes on his blog.

Added by Laura Lasmane: “Seven helpful tips for developing relevant, engaging, and creative content.

69 Content - Seven Tips for Developing Good, Relevant, and Actually Interesting Content : MarketingProfs Article

Content isn't always easy to write; in fact, depending on the topic or the industry, it can be downright difficult. Throughout their careers, marketers will experience a variety of clients-B2B, B2C (including e-commerce), and special interest clients from an array of industries. Each requires unique content, and each has specific strategies or presentation elements they consider good and bad. When

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