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Update Your Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia

By Kingtiger Group


It is hight time for your to update your waste plastic and tyre pyrolysis plant in Malaysia. We have continuous pyrolysis plant for sale, with high quality and security guarantee.

Kingtiger Group — Kingtiger(shanghai) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise which is integrating environmental protection equipment ...

2 Fully Automatic Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant for Sale - Kingtiger Group

According to different causes, oil sludge is usually divided into landing sludge, tank bottom sludge, ground oil spills, and oil refinery sludge. Due to oil sludge contains oil, water and organic solids, it is highly dangerous pollutants, and it will damage the environment. At present, the most advanced method for processing oil sludge is pyrolysis technology. Kingtiger Group is the

3 Oil Sludge Treatment Plant Supplier - Pyrolysis Plant -Kingtiger

With the economic development, the demand for oil and gas has increased year by year. Amount of oil sludge and oil sand produced while the exploitation of oil and gas. Oil sludge has seriously polluted our environment. Now, Kingtiger Group can supply professional waste oil sludge processing and recovery solutions. We has researched and developed professional oil sludge treatment plant.

4 Medical Waste Pyrolysis Plant - Medical Waste Disposal System

Brief Introduction Of The Medical Waste And Pyrolysis:Hospitals, clinics, sanitary bins, and sharps bins generate millions of tons of medical waste each year. Medical waste is a variety of hazardous waste with multi components. Main constituents of the medical waste are plastics, textile and polyvinylchloride (PVC). Medical waste also includes needles, pathological wastes from surgery and autopsy, and pharmaceutical waste.

5 Medical Waste Disposal Machine/Systems – Medical Pyrolysis Plant Sales

Medical waste includes plastic, paper, gauze and cotton balls, rubber, glass and metal, etc. Hospital waste has the characteristics of acute infection and latent infection. At present, harmless disposal of medical waste has become an important topic. As a new and green method, pyrolysis technology has been recognized because of free of pollution in the whole process. Kingtiger medical disposal

6 Medical Waste Recycling to Oil Machine for Sale - Waste Pyrolysis Plant

Medical waste is mainly divided into five categories: infections wastes, pathological wastes, traumatic wastes, pharmaceutical wastes, and chemical wastes. Medical waste many contain a large number of pathogenic microorganisms and harmful chemical substances. So hospital waste is the important risk factor to cause the spread of disease or related public health problems. Now, Kingtiger Group can supply a suit of

7 Batch Pyrolysis Plant for Sale (Handling Capacity of 6-10T/D)

First, pyrolysis is a chemical process for waste tire, rubber and plastic. According to different customers and raw materials, Kingtiger equipment supply different models of batching and continuous pyrolysis plants. Here we are going to introduce the batch waste pyrolysis plants. There are mainly three types of batch pyrolysis plant, the bacthing waste tire pyrolysis plant, batching waste rubber pyrolysis

8 Semi Continuous Pyrolysis Plant for Sale (Medium Capacity) - Kingtiger Group

Do you think that batch pyrolysis plant cannot satisfy your capacity per day? Do you want to buy continuous pyrolysis plant but have not much more investment cost? Don't worry, in order to satisfy different requirement of our customers, besides of batch waste pyrolysis plant and continuous waste pyrolysis plant, Kingtiger has researched BLL-16 semi continuous pyrolysis plant for plastic,

9 Continuous Pyrolysis Plant - Fully Automatic Design

According to different customers and raw materials, Kingtiger supply different models of batch, semi continuous and continuous pyrolysis plant. Here we are going to introduce the fully automatic pyrolysis plant. There are several types of continuous style pyrolysis plants according to the difference of materials mainly including continuous plastic pyrolysis plant, continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant, fully automatic oil sludge

10 Small Pyrolysis Machine for Sale - Low Price

Compared with other waste disposal methods, pyrolysis technology is the best green solution. More and more people want to establish a pyroysis plant to turn waste to energy. But large investment cost is the biggest problem. Kingtiger can supply a type of small pyrolysis machine with cheaper price; it is also called as batch pyrolsis plant. Kingtiger small scale pyrolysis

11 Pyrolysis Equipment for Sale

Kingtiger Waste Pyrolysis Equipment for Waste Plastic, Tyre, RubberPyrolysis equipment is the hot-sale product in Kingtiger Group. Our waste pyrolysis machine can turn many kinds into fuel oil and carbon black, such as waste plastics, waste tyres, waste rubber, medical waste and oil sludge. So pyrolysis system for waste has other names: plastic to oil machine, tyre to oil plant,

12 Municipal Solid Waste Pyrolysis Plant

Along with rapid development of social economy, and high centralized urban population, municipal solid waste is increasing gradually. It requires more land to pile up this urban garbage. There are 3 methods of solid waste disposal such as landfill, burning and recycling. But landfill and burning will cause serious environment pollution. So the most effective solution of solid waste treatment

13 Comparative Analysis of Medical Waste Disposal Methods - Kingtiger

Waste is the inevitable outcome of human society. With the rapid economic growth, urban garbage seriously pollutes the environment. The disposal of municipal waste has got attention. But medical waste is different from the ordinary urban waste, because of it contains a large number of bacteria, viruses and chemical agents. Random treatment of medical waste is extremely serious threat environment

14 Kingtiger Waste Pyrolysis Plant Setup in the UK - Kingtiger Group

Good news! Kingtiger BLL-16 waste tyre pyrolysis equipment is being installed in the UK now. The waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant is being installed according to the drawings designed by our engineers. Our sales manager and engineers stay there to guide the installation and train the workers. They will not leave until the semi-continuous pyrolysis plant put into production. Kingtiger

15 Good News! Kingtiger BLJ-10 Waste Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to South Africa! - Kingtiger Group

After receiving the order from our South Africa customers, our factory had been busying in preparing the products. To ensure the high quality of our plant, our workers were very serious about the production and confirmed again and again, including every part of the pyrolysis equipment. The small pyrolysis machine will be installed in South Africa as soon as it

16 KingTiger Pyrolysis Plant Received Good Feedback from Indonesia Customers - Kingtiger Group

Last year, Kingtiger exported a set of BLL-16 waste tyre pyrolysis plant to Indonesia. The plant was successfully installed and put into use with high efficiency. Our engineers stayed there to help installing the plant, guiding and training the workers and solving the problems until the plant runs well. Recently, we have received the good feedback from our customers. They

17 Waste to Energy Plant in Malaysia - Beston Group

MSW Pyrolysis Plant Charcoal Making Machine Waste Segregation Machine MSW Pyrolysis Plant The MSW pyrolysis plant is a high-efficiency and high-quality waste to energy plants which is very popular in Malaysia now.It turns municipal solid waste (waste tyres, plastic, rubber wastes, oily sludge, etc) into fuel oil and carbon black through the process of pyrolysis. The whole process is zero-pollution

21 FAQs of Beston Sorting Machine - Waste to Energy Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia

The rest materials are usually mixed wastes including hard plastics, rubber products (not that heavy), wet paper, fabrics, etc. Yes, we have special odor-control system. We can design, manufacture and supply suitable machine according to your needs and supply engineering teams for installation guidance, local worker training, testing and commissioning. Plastic, metal, organisms, kitchen residual, combustible materials (wood branches and

22 FAQs of Beston Charcoal Machine - Waste to Energy Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia

Beston charcoal making machine is a recycling machine that specialized in turning all organic wastes into bio-charcoal. Therefore, if only your waste is organism, they can all be the feedstock theoretically. The carbonization temperature refers to the reaction temperature. Biomass is about 380 ℃ to 450 ℃. Discharging temperature is below 30 ℃. The interior temperature of the furnace is

23 FAQs of Beston Pyrolysis Plant - Waste to Energy Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia

No. Pyrolysis refers to a thermal chemical reaction happens in a high-temperature and oxygen-free environment. During the process of pyrolysis, the feedstock doesn't contact with any opening fires. It has the essential difference from burning and incineration. No. you need to 100% operate the plant as the operation manual (will provide after making the deal) and the engineers of Beston

24 Beston Service - Turn-Key Project

Pre-Sale Service: Technical SupportDuring the early stage communication with the customers, we will help the customer to select a suitable type of machine, do the site planing with the technical department and make sure the specific parameters and specifications of the equipment according to their real needs for the equipment. We are able to do customizing for every customer and

26 MSW Pyrolysis Plant - Waste Plastic and Tyre Pyrolysis in Malaysia

MSW pyrolysis plant of Beston aims to recycle municipal solid waste into energy. As its name implies, this plant uses pyrolysis technology for waste. Pyrolysis is now gaining more popularity in Malaysia. It a green technology to help people dispose of the municipal waste and turn them into oil, so you can also call it pyrolysis oil plant. Pyrolysis waste

27 Small Scale Pyrolysis Equipment - Mini Pyrolysis Machine in Malaysia

In Malaysia, if you have a small amount of plastic waste to dispose of and you want to make money from recycling them, then a small scale pyrolysis equipment might be very suitable for you. It is handy and cost-effective and is an ideal machine for a small scale waste pyrolysis. Beston designs and manufactures high quality small & mini

28 Continuous Pyrolysis Plant Design - Auto Pyrolysis - Beston Group

Beston continuous pyrolysis plant has a higher efficiency and stronger performance. We design and produce this kind of machine for processing a large number of solid wastes like scrap rubber tyres and plastic wastes. It is an advanced and improved type of pyrolysis machine for those who ask for quality, capacity output and has plenty of funds to invest in.

29 Plastic Pyrolysis Plant for Sale - Plastic Waste to Energy - Beston

Beston plastic pyrolysis plant has exported to many countries like South Africa, the UK, Canada, the Philippines, and Indonesia, etc. Why is this waste plastic pyrolysis machine has such a good market? In fact, it is the trend for plastic waste recycling because the pyrolysis of plastic can create alternative fuel oil from plastic waste in an oxygen-free high-temperature environment.

30 Continuous Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Malaysia - Large Capacity - 30T/D

Continuous plastic pyrolysis plant is larger, stronger and more efficient. Beston has spent couples of years to do researches on this plant and improved the performance of it from the aspects of power, capacity, output, and efficiency, etc. We commit ourselves to produce a perfect large-scale pyrolysis plant to meet the customers' needs. Due to a higher performance of this

31 Plastic to Oil Machine for Sale - Waste Plastic to Oil Plant Cost

With modern technology, you can turn waste plastic into oil through a plastic to oil machine. It is an imagination for human beings many years ago, but now it comes true. Now, this kind of machine is widely accepted and used in many places in Malaysia as plastic waste increases day by day. Meanwhile, the influence of the machine has

32 Waste Plastic to Fuel Machine Price - Plastic to Fuel Conversion Plant

Turning plastic into fuel by Beston waste plastic to fuel machine is a perfect solution to solve the problem of plastic disposal and energy shortage in nowadays. The fuel from plastic waste is pyrolysis oil and carbon black. Both of them are the alternative fuel with a wide range of use. Therefore, this machine can change traditional ways of plastic

33 Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia - Pyrolysis Tyre Recycling Plant

Waste tyre can be converted into oil and carbon black by a waste tyre pyrolysis plant. It mainly adopts the technology of pyrolysis of rubber tyres. It is a chemical reaction which can decompose macromolecule materials like plastic and tyres into micromolecule matters. The final products of the pyrolysis plant are usually oil and carbon black. The plant is now

34 Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Project Report - Pyrolysis Oil Plant Project

1. Background1.1 Waste Tyre- Black PollutionAs we all know, plastic waste is "White Pollution" because it is hard to degrade naturally. Similar to plastic waste, waste tyres are also hard for degradation. There are approximately more than 7 billion tons of scrap tyres abandoned each year across the world. They don't only cover too much space, but also pose pollution

35 Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant for Sale - Beston Group

Beston supplies continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant for sale to satisfy the increasing demand for recycling waste tyres in Malaysia and any other countries in the world. Comparing with the small type pyrolysis plant, this kind of machine can process up to 30 tons of scrap tires per day. Except for the basic function, we have added some stronger functions

36 Biomass Pyrolysis Plant for Sale - Biomass to Energy - Beston

Biomass pyrolysis plant refers to the plant that turns biomass into biochar through the technology of pyrolysis. If you google "biomass", you'll find that "Biomass is an industry term for getting energy by burning wood, and other organic matter". Therefore, using advanced technology to turn biomass into fuel is proved to be a trend of waste to energy. And this

37 Charcoal Making Machine for Sale - Charcoal Maker Design

Beston charcoal making machine is a not only a charcoal machine but also a recycling equipment that turns biomass into energy. All the organic waste in the world can be used in the charcoal manufacturing equipment to get charcoal. Malaysia has plenty of biomass resources at present, so the extensively using of this kind machine will be meaningful for the

38 Biochar Production Equipment for Sale - Biochar Making Machine

Beston biochar production equipment adopts the technology of pyrolysis and carbonization to produce biochar from biomass. Biochar is a very important alternative energy in many aspects of human life. So the production of bio-charcoal complies the trend of waste to energy and finds a new solution to solve the organic waste issue and endows the waste a high value of

39 Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine for Sale - Beston Group

Producing charcoal with the high-efficiency coconut shell charcoal making machine of Beston will be a good choice if you want to do business in coconut waste recycling. We design this machine with advanced eco-friendly technology and it is a complete green machine that has safe emission and poses no pollution to the environment. The charcoal is a kind of clean

40 Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette Machine Suppliers - Beston Group

Coconut shell charcoal briquette machine can realize a complete production chain from coconut waste to high-quality fuel. It contains the coconut shell charcoal production and briquette making process. It is a machine that you can rely on when you need high-quality coconut shell charcoal briquettes. It is also a green, zero-pollution, efficient and profitable project you can invest in. Parameters

41 Automatic Waste Segregation Machine - Waste Separation In Malaysia

Automatic waste segregation machine, also known as waste separation machine, is a kind of waste separator that can separate different urban garbage for recycling. Using advanced separation methods, this kind of machine can clearly separate different kinds of waste, improve the usage of the waste an reduce the total volume of municipal solid waste for urban areas. Meanwhile, it can

42 Garbage Separation Machine - Garbage Processing Machine - Beston

Beston offers high-quality garbage separation machine for sale across the world. With the fast development of worldwide urbanization, urban garbage has covered a large space in the landfills, especially in Malaysia, a rising tourism country in Southeastern Asia. But at the same time, the garbage classification in Malaysia is not done that well. As a result, where there's a large

43 MSW Sorting Plant for Sale

If you have a lot of waste in your city to dispose of, you will need an MSW sorting plant manufactured by Beston Group. This kind of waste sorting facility can help you a lot in your solid waste recycling process. And the need for this kind of plant will, of course, increase as the waste sorting in Malaysia turns

44 Solid Waste Management Machinery and Equipment Design - Beston

Beston is a leading manufacturer of solid waste management machinery and equipment. We research, design and produce various municipal solid waste treatment plants and aim to spread our concept of Waste to Energy to every corner of the world. If you are interested in setting up a waste disposal plant in your place, we can provide a specific waste management

46 Beston BLL-16 & BLL-30 Pyrolysis Plants in the Philippines

Recently, Beston BLL-16 and BLL-30 pyrolysis plants were shipped to the Philippines. Thereinto, BLL-16 is a semi- continuous pyrolysis plant while the BLL-30 is a fully automatic continuous one. The Philippine customer ordered these two sets of plants to dispose of their large amount of waste tyres. Now the two sets of plants have delivered to the customer's place already

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