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Empower your workforce

Ignite the potential of your employees, save time and money on training by making your workforce smarter and more efficient. Gibbon provides a place where employees can share knowledge, discuss and develop themselves.

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Facilitate informal learning

Bring the best resources to your company. Go beyond the traditional and mandatory training and bring your organisation to the next level. Gibbon brings the flexibility to learn and adjust to the needs of the individual, your organisation and the market.

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Find the right content

Knowledge is everywhere in your organization. Gibbon helps to collect relevant content from the web, upload any file or resource and create your own content to share knowledge effectivly. Never lose a file or link in chats or email again!

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Insights & Growth

Gain realtime insights on user engagement, topics and development for both the organisation and the individual. With the feedback Gibbon provides you can create a truly active culture of learning for your organization.

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